High Physiotherapist-HandlingTherapy. Spinal Column and peripheral joints:

Treatments applied to this physiotherapy center:


(a) dry needling


A Few Words: What is Dry Acupuncture?


Dry needling: called the activation of the painful points deep, a treatment that involves eating these points with a dry needle through the skin. With this technique we can relax areas of the muscle, and reduce muscle spasm.

may be useful in reducing pain and increasing movement.


B) (iastim) soft molecule mobilization technique with special equipment:


ERGON® Technique is an innovative therapeutic approach that combines static and dynamic manipulations of soft body parts with special clinical equipment to treat its pathological conditions.

is a evidence-based technique for faster recovery of myopathogenic pathologies, whether acute or chronic.

The diseases that can be effectively cured by the application of techniques with special equipment are both classical musculoskeletal injuries (acute-overuse) and specialized athletic injuries


C) manual therapy, McKenzie :, chiropractic for rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurological conditions.


The McKenzie® Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment® Method is an internationally recognized method of evaluation and treatment of vertebral pain and limb pain developed in New Zealand by physiotherapist Robin McKenzie.

Clinical MDTs are trained in the evaluation and diagnosis of all areas of the musculoskeletal system.


D) Mulligan orthopedic special orthopedic manual therapy method:


chrotherapy - Mulligan method

It is a manual therapy method that uses special manipulations and motion mobilization for the upper and lower extremities and the spine to treat neuromuscular skeletal pain and restore normal muscular function.

It applies both to neuromuscular diseases and sports injuries. When the use of the method is indicated, the results are impressive and immediate.


E) neurological recovery technique: bobath


The Bobath method:


"Bobath" is a neuro-evolutionary method and is a treatment intervention for both adults and children and infants with central nervous system damage and neuro-motor problems (hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson's)

 method using appropriate techniques helps to:


Normalization of muscle tone

Incorporation of primordial reflexes

Improve static control

Improving balance


z) kinesiotapin: ligament


It is a method of binding with a special elastic bandage that acts on the musculoskeletal, nervous and circulatory system in order to improve their function.


H) ACKERMAN: chiropractic and structural osteopathic rehabilitation, Ackermann College of Chiropractic was founded in 1974 by Dr. WP Ackermann, DC, DN, HP, Stockholm and has 40 years of teaching experience.



Nowadays, it is a cure for the relief and restoration of musculoskeletal dysfunctions such as back pain, sciatica, primary headache and migraine, etc. Following an accurate assessment (history, palpation, radiology, etc.), "blockages" can be detected and restored using selected and mild techniques.




Physiotherapy - rehabilitation: Ioannis Bekris, PT physiotherapist, vertebral column and peripheral joints manual therapy MDT, Mulligan, Ackerman.


As you will see in your treatment course, both old and innovative treatment techniques are applied, where clinical and research have been tested for any neurological and orthopedic condition. Both classical physiotherapy along with several methods of rehabilitation, chiropractic and manual therapy , are applied for optimal results and healing.

Mr. Bekris I. is a graduate of the Higher School of Physical Therapy Patras, where he graduated with a very good degree and also completed two more years in hand orthopedic rehabilitation successfully in different schools and philosophy in manual therapy and has adequate clinical experience in the field physiotherapy.

Thank you for choosing me to treat and recovery from your illness! I wish you a quick recovery!


Ήπια χειροπρακτική, μέθοδος Mc Kenzie & MULLIGAN Βελονισμός Τεχνική Κινητοποίησης και Θεραπείας Μαλακών Μορίων (IASMIN) Αποκατάσταση Ορθοπεδικών & Νευρολογικών Παθήσεων

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